School curriculum

The British Center Saint Nicholas School is fully responsive to the needs of the community. It is primarily comfortable and adapted to a diverse range of students. The subject teaching is provided in innovative ways, which is in line with the quality. We believe that each year spent at our school is a unique opportunity of comprehensive and consistent development for each student.


Elementary school

In elementary school, English is taught with the latest programs of Cambridge University. Each program covers many interdisciplinary areas in addition to learning English and at the same time develops new Millennium thinking and skills from an early age. From the very first grade, we offer Cambridge University proven programs.

1) ICT (Information and Communication Technology) study of information and communication technologies in English. 

2) PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) – Personal, social, general medical and economic education from the 2nd grade is also taught in English. It is a multi-disciplinary, age-appropriate, consistent program that systematically develops the skills they need for the proper management and success of their own lives in the future.



Secondary education  (Grades VII-IX)

Secondary education programs cover  the following subjects: Georgian, Mathematics, English, Russian, History, Geography, Third Foreign Language (German, French, Spanish, Italian), Music, Sport.

The school has humanitarian, science and English language academic clubs. In the format of the work of these clubs,  students will deepen their knowledge, develop research, cognition and presentation skills and engage in projects with international schools.



Secondary education  (Grades X-XII)

We take care of identifying and developing leadership qualities in each student. The students in the secondary school continue to be taught innovative programs. The educational approaches of the British Center Saint  Nicholas School focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Graduates of the school can come up with new and valuable ideas, make the right choices, and the end result – is success.