Principal’s Address

Welcome Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in our school.

My 25 years of teaching and leadership experience at school has allowed me to better understand what our children need in order to have high motivation to learn well, and develop their ethical, moral and physical skills.

Nowadays, when all of us are involved in dynamic social life,  young parents have less time to take part in their children’s studying process, thus they are trying to find a school with caring and comfortable environment, which provides the highest quality education, where children will be able to take up some sports and art, and will be prepared for further education in the best universities. 

Based on our mutual collaboration we can make life better for the next generation, raise them as free, intelligent people, which is the precondition for the progress and development of our country. Be confident that we will meet your expectations.


School Principal 

Manana Giorgadze