Education Facility

Education facility of British Centre Saint Nicholas School is constructed based on a modern British architectural style, which is located in an ecologically clean area. The school building covers an area of ​​3700 square meters and its modern infrastructure fully complies with the norms and requirements of international standards. The school has two swimming pools for different age groups, an outdoor playground and an indoor gym as well.

  • Primary levels are located on the first floor. Individual lockers are provided for each student. The principal’s office, administration, security service and medical cabinet are located on the same floor. 
  • The second floor is for basic and secondary levels. In addition to the classrooms there is a 21st century computer cabinet and teacher’s office.
  • On the third floor you can find a multilingual library, an assembly hall and a science laboratory equipped with experimental tools and visual aids.

The school area is fully adapted to the learning process. The school yard is fully utilized, where we have kid’s playground aimed for sports and various activities.